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Borrow It

Are you tired of buying clothes and only wearing them one or two times?  Pretty sure we are all looking for a way to save money and closet space.  With the modern woman in mind, I decided to launch Borrow It, a clothing rental service that allows you to borrow unique pieces that deserve a moment in your in your iconic style.

Here's How It Works..

First:  Select the item(s) that you want to borrow for 30 days and add them to your cart and purchase at retail.  Once you receive your items and your return label, hang on to your packaging as you can simply tape the bag and send back to us.

Second:  Keep your items for 30 days and then return them to Ello in the original packaging and stick on the new return label covering the old label.  

Third:  Once we receive the package and ensure that there are not any substantial damages to the style(s), we will refund your deposit amount.

Fourth: Contd.






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